The Vow – New Cover Reveal



I changed the cover to look more like the other novella in the series.

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted.  Life messed me up.

Like it always does.

Stay tuned…as I have great news coming this way shortly.

You Can Go Home Again by Pepper Phillips

You Can Go Home Again by Pepper Phillips.

Apparently you can go home again, and sometimes what you find might not be what you expected.

Read about Uncle Walter and his hidden gold mine, the leaning house and is that a cow in that yard?

Organizing for Next Christmas by Pepper Phillips

Organizing for Next Christmas by Pepper Phillips.

Catch a picture of my living room decorated for Christmas and my hints on putting things away for next year.

It’s Christmas on Main Street Again!

It’s Christmas on Main Street Again!.

Yes it is, and read about our Decorating on Main Street.

Decorations on Main Street


Guilty Pleasure – Orchids by Pepper Phillips

Once a month I attend a writer’s meeting. Of course, I have to drive thirty miles to the ‘big’ town. While there I do errands and one of those is to visit Kroger’s Supermarket. They carry items there that I could only wish for in my local stores.

One item they do carry is flowers. Now, I love flowers, but they die so quickly, so I purchase an orchid if one appeals to me. I know I’ll have blooms for the next month or more.

I have one that is still blooming, but it began to lose its flowers and it was time for a new one. When I saw this beauty I was in awe! It’s called a Blue Orchid.



Yes, it looks black in the front. The whole front was black, but then the blue began to pop out.

But it’s the back that is outstanding. Here is what it looks like.


What a surprise!

Here’s another photo showing both sides at once.



Here is the one that is losing its blooms.



Still beautiful.

Here is the one that came before this one.



The cost? Usually they are around fifteen dollars. The Blue Orchid was twenty-seven. But I couldn’t resist. I had to have it.

When they stop blooming, I put them in a sunny room and hope that they will bloom again next year. I have a friend and she gets her to bloom every year. I’ve never been successful, but I’m following all the advice that I’ve found on the web and purchased some Orchid Food, so I’m optimistic.

When I had a baby shower in my house in June, the above orchids were in the ‘company’ bathroom. I really think that they class it up.

So, it’s a guilty pleasure, but better than the dark chocolate I love to eat. When I see them, it perks me up for the day. And aren’t we supposed to be happy?

Do any of you grow orchids? Do you get them to rebloom? And if so, what’s your advice?


Christmas on Main Street – Relaunch 2.0

Christmas on Main Street – Relaunch 2.0.

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Small Town Halloween by Pepper Phillips

Small Town Halloween.