Sneaux Days Again – In Louisiana!!!

Authors of Main Street

Hey, Sneaux is how we spell Snow in French speaking Louisiana. Sneaux

And sneaux it did. Twice within five days!  Unheard of. Seriously, it might sneaux every few years or so. But twice. No. That doesn’t happen.

But happen it did. Last Friday closed all the schools. A light blanket covered yards, rooftops and cars.

Tuesday it snowed again, but this time was different. There was ice on the roads. We are not used to driving on ice. The schools were closed again.

You might wonder about that, but the reason is that so many kids ride the school bus and most of them must cross over small road bridges over bayous and they will ice up, so in order to be safe, they close the schools. The kids are overjoyed, the moms are crying.

Of course, I needed to go to town to pick up my medications. It was like…

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One Comment on “Sneaux Days Again – In Louisiana!!!”

  1. Sorry about the “sneaux”. I didn’t send it even though we have three feet of it on the ground and I sure would love to get rid of it. But wouldn’t send it to you darling, that wouldn’t be nice to send it to another Phillips. You are loved.

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