#1 Amazon Holiday – Kristy Tate – ‘A Light in the Christmas Cafe’

Kristy Tate

Kristy Tate is the author of many novels, but only five are published. Her debut novel, Stealing Mercy, has been on the Amazon’s top 100 list of historical romance for more than fifteen weeks and spent two weeks as number one.

Kristy studied English literature at Brigham Young University and at BYU’s International Center in London. Although a long time resident of Orange County California where she lives with her family, Kristy’s heart belongs in her hometown of Arlington, Washington, AKA Rose Arbor–the fictional setting of her popular Rose Arbor series.

A Light in the Christmas Cafe by Kristy Tate. A food thief, a haunted house, a matchmaking grandmother and a handsome stranger: Are the apron strings tying Deirdre to her grandmother’s café tangling up her life plans or are they leading her to love? 

This book is included in Christmas on Main Street, currently on sale for 99 cents.

Amazon – US 

Amazon – Elsewhere

Barnes & Noble – NOOK


One Comment on “#1 Amazon Holiday – Kristy Tate – ‘A Light in the Christmas Cafe’”

  1. E. Ayers says:

    Great story, Kristy! Everyone needs a little light in their life. And I love your Rose Arbor series.

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