It’s Alligator Season Again

Alligator 091913

Here in Louisiana alligator season is open.

This eleven foot, nine inch monster was taken from a pond behind my son’s camp.  Look at the size of that head.


This is a protected species and you need a special license to hunt them.  What do you hunt them with?  A chicken on a hook.  They swallow the chicken, whole of course, and then the ‘hunter’ pulls them out of the water and shoots them in the top of the head.  Several times if they are smart.

Alligators can run and you don’t want one to jump out of the water aiming for you at twenty miles per hour.  I’m sure that I would have a heart attack if that ever happened to me.  LOL

What do hunters do with the alligator?  We sell them to a processor.  Remember ‘Romancing the Stone’?  Alligator boots are quite expensive, for a reason.

And in Louisiana, alligator tail meat is delicious.  Generally served fried, it does taste a little like chicken.  It is served in restaurants, so if you ever see it on the menu, give it a try.

That’s what’s happening in our small town.


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