Opening a Door That Separates Two Worlds

I’m a big fan of Sarah Ban Breathnach and her book “Simple Abundance” which I read to get grounded every day.

“…solitude cracks open the door that separates two worlds: the life we lead
today and the life we yearn for so deeply.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Today’s reading also goes on to state.. “Never again be forced to move to the rhythm of others.” ~ Tillie Olsen in “Tell Me a Riddle”

Too often we get caught up in other’s expectations of us. We have to do this, we have to do that…but realize, that you must take time for yourself, even it it’s a few minutes a day.

We all need ‘quiet’ time.  A few minutes a day will settle your spirit.



One Comment on “Opening a Door That Separates Two Worlds”

  1. Nice!! Great words to live by.

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