When Your Baby Cries and Won’t Stop Advice

Image credit: <a href='http://www.123rf.com/photo_6047402_portrait-of-crying-baby.html'>brebca / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

As the mother of six and the grandmother of thirteen, I have only one piece of advice to give new mothers.

When your baby starts crying, look at a clock. Then do the changing, feeding, burping, whatever you do to comfort your baby, and the baby is still crying at the fifteen minute mark, give them a dose of baby acetaminophen. Then hold them close, rocking is fine, and watch as they settle down.


When I was nine or ten, I’d get horrendous pains behind my knees. I mean it. I cried for hours with the pain. I learned as an adult that they were ‘growing pains’.

Think about it. A baby doubles it’s weight in four months, growing in length and width and continues to grow at a steady rate for that first year. It’s simple to conceive that your baby might be having growing pains during this period. It’s pretty much a given if you ask me.

A simple dose of baby acetaminophen can relieve that pain.

When I told my d-I-l about this, my son came back later with, “We asked our pediatrician about that and he laughed his head off.” Guess what? The next time they came over to visit, there was baby acetaminophen in their baby bag.

What makes me sad is that this isn’t universal knowledge. How many babies are beaten to death because they won’t stop crying? Too many. Way way too many.

Babies cry for a reason, if they are fed, burped, have on a clean diaper, then what is a single dose of baby acetaminophen going to hurt. They might be in pain.

I know I suffered from growing pains and it hurt and I cried.

Share the knowledge.

Image credit: brebca / 123RF Stock Photo

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