Brenda Novak’s Auction

Brenda Novak has an auction every May for Juvenile Diabetes. She started doing this when her son was diagnosed and she has raised a lot of money for this worthy cause.

A family member was diagnosed with this, and his father told me that as they were bringing him to the hospital, his nine year old son asked if he was going to die. He felt that bad. Thankfully, he’s living a full life with this disease, but there is that echo…he thought at the time he was dying. No child needs to feel that vulnerable.

So, I’m doing my part and have donated three groups of items. Visit Brenda’s website and see what fabulous items she has garnered from the writing community.

Here are my donations:


If you like the bling!

If you like the bling!

You can check out this here.

Gorgeous Handbags

Gorgeous Handbags

You can tell that I love these colors…click here.

And because I love to cook…and eat!


Those glasses look like red plastic, but they are glass!

With stems, no less!!!

Check it out here.

Seriously, there are some fabulous items in this auction…for both readers and writers.  Check it out and see if you can’t find something that you can use.  I purchased my first editor for The Devil Has Dimples through this site…and I’m thrilled I did.


One Comment on “Brenda Novak’s Auction”

  1. Nice to find you, a kindred Indie writer, from Twitter. Hello!

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