The Amaryllis plants are in bloom.  This bloom stands over three feet tall, and the bloom is five inches across.

I have about a dozen plants around this tree.  They are truly magnificent when they are in bloom.

Here are some seed pods forming.  They are the green globes directly in front of this amaryllis. The pods will eventually turn brown and split open, the black seeds will be as big as your thumbnail and thin as a sheet of paper. You have to watch them carefully or the wind will disperse them into the flower bed.


This year I’m going to try growing them from seed.  Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a huge display?  I’ll let you know my progress during the year.

4 Comments on “Amaryllis”

  1. Did I say ‘bloom’ enough in the first paragraph? Argh! Need to edit myself better.

  2. jodenton445 says:

    Lovely idea! Good luck with the planting.

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