Mother Nature Gets Angry

The other morning about six, I woke suddenly when a loud KA-BOOM sounded. Lightening strike! Very close to the house as it shook it a tad. I told the husband about it and while he was blowing off the patio he told me that he wanted to show me something me something.

As I went to the side of the house, he pointed out where the lightening had struck. You could smell burnt wood and there were wood chips all over the ground.

I had my grandson stand by the tree to give some dimension to the photo. The strike went clear down to the ground.


At first I thought the strike was only about fourteen feet high, but on closer inspection, that sucker started at the top fork of the tree and came down. I think I missed the top fork in this photo.  LOL!


Needless to say, the tree will need to come down.  The house is only a few feet to the left, and we’d rather not have it crash on the house.  It is a pecan tree, but we have quite a few of them around the property.

Mother Nature does have a lot of power. We need to respect her more.


2 Comments on “Mother Nature Gets Angry”

  1. jodenton445 says:

    Wow! That must have been very loud! Glad it didn’t cause more damage.

  2. I’m glad I wasn’t outside when this happened. But then you won’t find me outside at six in the morning. LOL

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