Pepper Phillips on May Day Flowers

flowers on doorknob

When I was a kid living in Clarkston, WA, May Day…the first of May was extra special.  That was the day that the kids in the neighborhood made May Baskets for the neighbors.  In it we would gleam the neighborhood for any blooming flowers, put them in a construction paper basket with a handle that we would hang on the neighbors doorknob.  We’d ring the doorbell and then hide and wait.  The door would open and the neighbors would find the May Basket.  They knew that the kids were hiding somewhere and would ohh and ahh on the flowers, then they would go inside.  The next day they would brag to everyone how many baskets they collected.

This was the kids reward to good neighbors.  The ones that didn’t mind us running across their lawn, or climbing the tree in front of their house, or being generous on Halloween.  Some neighbors didn’t get anything.  Today, I would give them flowers, but as a kid, they didn’t receive anything.

Being a Navy brat, I’ve lived in many states during my formative years.  Yet, Clarkston, WA was the only place that celebrated May Day though I know there must be a lot of other places due to the images available on Google.  I wish they did it here where I live.



2 Comments on “Pepper Phillips on May Day Flowers”

  1. Brit says:

    Because of this delightful post, i went out to take pictures of my flowers and ended up weeding for the next hour. :-)

  2. Cathryn Cade says:


    we did May baskets in eastern Montana, too. We used cupcake liners with fuzzy pipecleaner handles, and put mints, nuts and flowers in them. Then we rang the doorbell and ran. I’m sure not a one of those candies was ever eaten !! but it was a fun tradition.

    I remember doing a Maypole at my elementary school, too. Now there’s a tradition founded centuries ago!

    fun memories,
    Cathryn Cade

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