On Being Quoted on GoodReads

I have Google Alert and was amazed to find that a lovely reader found sentences in The Devil Has Dimples that they liked enough to quote.

Here they are:

“Sometimes that’s all you get out of life. Great shoes.”

“I’ve been stabbed lately with life.”

“All that mattered in life, that someone loved you even though you had faults.”

“She laughed and said how silly we were to not accept life for what it was, difficult.”

“An old expression–‘she looks like she was weaned on a pickle’–came to my mind.”

“Never scorn a woman. They get violent.”

“So, there is a God protecting the innocent. Too bad, he didn’t act sooner.”

Many thanks to the reader who posted these. It made my day.


3 Comments on “On Being Quoted on GoodReads”

  1. Love these quotes about life, and sure feel sorry for the sourpuss weaned on a pickle.

  2. Beth Head says:

    Loved the quotes about life and the story. Louisiana references reminded me of home.

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