Writer’s Toolbox: Excuse Me…How Do You Spell That? by Pepper Phillips

I’m in the midst of going through my manuscript before I ship it out for edits, so I’m checking every word.

Just how do you spell some words, especially words that represent sounds?

Is it ‘woosh’ or ‘whoosh’ when the gasoline lights on fire?

Well, I found a handy, dandy website: The Onomatopoeia Dictionary.  Better known as the “Written Sound” that answers that question.

Check it out if you’re writing a sound…and the answer above is ‘whoosh’.

This is a great tool for your writer’s toolbox.



7 Comments on “Writer’s Toolbox: Excuse Me…How Do You Spell That? by Pepper Phillips”

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, thanks I have had a few go arounds with this exact problem.

  2. Brit says:

    Very cool! Thanks, Pepper.

  3. Very good idea! Thanks for the tip. I write blogs about writing too- if you would like to share any with your readers, just check out http://www.lynnekennedymysteries.com. Thanks.

  4. Hi Pepper. I’ve often thought about these issues. A great post, thank you! Wishing you a wonderful day. Best regards, Dean

  5. Linda Bolton says:

    Handy! Thanks! Love your site. If you’re looking for some romance check out mine: http:lindabolton.blogspot.com

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