On “Being the Dog” by Pepper Phillips

It’s that time of the year again.  Making resolutions.  Here are mine:

Write daily.  Finish what I write.  Edit.  Hire editors.  Hire book cover designers.  Format.  Upload new books.  Lose weight.  Read daily.  Read craft on writing.  Exercise daily for 20 minutes or more.  Follow cleaning house schedule.  Lose weight.  Do something new and different every week.  Learn my computer.  Draw.  Photograph.  Create.  Rewrite my bucket list.  Add to bucket list.  Follow up on bucket list.  Lose weight.  Slap a smile on even if it’s hard.  Don’t complain.  Utilize joy in my life.  Be the dog.  Be the dog.  Lose weight.  Be the dog.

I have to explain “be the dog”…

I received one of those emails that told a story about a man coming home from work.  As he stopped his car in the driveway, he could see his children playing in the yard.  They ignored him.  His wife was in the living room and looked out and saw him, and ignored him.  The dog heard his car, came rushing out, jumping up and down on the side of the car until the man stepped out and then couldn’t wag his tail enough to show his pleasure at seeing his master.  He was being a dog.

Shouldn’t we ‘be the dog’ to those we love?  Anyway, after reading this, I decided to ‘be the dog’ and went into the kitchen.  My grandson was standing there with his back to me, so I threw my arms around him and said, “I’m so glad you’re here.”

I couldn’t have done that at a better time in his life.  He needed a hug.  He needed to be ‘loved’ at that moment.  He needed someone on his side.

So ‘being the dog’ is part of the resolution.  This is ‘Spike’ the newest addition to my work in progress.




7 Comments on “On “Being the Dog” by Pepper Phillips”

  1. Brit says:

    Love to think of you being the dog. Everybody loves dogs…don’t they?

  2. jascribbles says:

    We are two people split at birth. I could copy paste all of your thoughts above into my own blog post and they would fit. I love your thoughts on Being the dog – so true and important to remember. The family will not look back years from now and remember a clean bathroom, they will remember your affection. :)


  3. Lora Bailey says:

    Love love love this blog post! Be the dog, what a concept. Another lesson we can learn from those beloved creatures is to live in the moment. Dogs do not care about what happened yesterday. Dogs do not fuss and fret over tomorrow. They are completely there, enjoying every bit of a moment.

  4. I’m glad that so many people were touched by that story as I was. Can you imagine a world where everyone was ‘the dog’…

  5. What a great post! Up until two months ago I wouldn’t have been able to relate as I always been a cat girl. October 1st we brought home a 10 week old YorkiPoo puppy to go with our two cats and we haven’t had a minutes peace since! He’s lovable, adorable and is absolutely the most excited “person” in the house when anyone comes home from school or work.
    “being the dog” is a great idea.

  6. Brenda says:

    Spike is a beautiful dog and what a great sentiment. luv it.

  7. C. K. Crouch says:

    I love your concept of be the dog. What a great way to think and act. And it is true dogs have no concept of time. IF you left two minutes ago or two months ago they act the same. They’re over joyed to see you and love you with all they have.

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