Pepper Phillips Kills Her Touch Pad

In July I managed to ruin my computer, so I had to buy a new one.

I’m still learning it, but one of the things I couldn’t turn off was the Touch Pad.  I looked online, visited HP’s website, tried to tap the little box in the upper left hand corner as directed.  Nothing worked.  Absolutely nothing.  All their instructions sucked big time.  I could easily hire myself out to a computer company and tell them the problems they have with their product and why their instructions should be written in clear, concise, step-by-step instructions.  They assume that I know what the hell I’m doing when I turn that power key on.  I don’t.

The problem was that my thumbs kept hitting the touch pad and moving all over the page, cutting words I had written (a big no-no in my book).

What’s a girl to do?  I need the thumbs to hit the space bar.  The jumping all over the page became too much to overlook.

So, I thought I would cover it up and found a neat little coaster that I obtained several years ago, add two strips of two inch clear strapping tape and I thought,  this will work!



The only problem was, it was too thin.  If my fat thumbs hit the touch pad, it would still jerk around.

Not good.

So I looked around for something stiff.  Do you know how hard it is to find exactly what you need when your only requirement is that it be hard, square and something you won’t need again.

I walked by a cardboard box several times, then decided I would use it.  I trimmed it to fit the area, and since I didn’t like the brown industrial look, I copied out a writer’s quote.



Taping the sucker down with two strips of two inch wide clear strapping tape solved the problem.  This is what it looks like.


And it WORKS!

Due to the fact that cardboard has two layers and the inside wavy part, if you touch it, nothing happens.  Absolutely nothing.  The cost, next to nothing.

If I want to use the touch pad, I can take off the tape.  If I want to change the quote, easily doable.

Color me a happy camper.  I solved a major problem with my laptop!




5 Comments on “Pepper Phillips Kills Her Touch Pad”

  1. MonaKarel says:

    Whatever works!
    My Kindle decided it had worked long enough and went 25% blank. Non fixable. Sob. I learned real fast how to read on my smart phone (and don’t you just hate that name? As in Smart Phone/n not so smart user???

  2. I’m too challenged to have a phone smarter than I am. My vanilla cell phone is wonky enough!

    I’ve purchased four Kindles so far One died, and I killed another when I dropped it on the floor. So I now have a early version and the Fire.

  3. Stormie Kent says:

    I really hate it when technology turns against you like that. It is supposed to make your like easier, not test your McGuyver skills. (Great McGuyver by the way ;-) )

  4. C. K. Crouch says:

    We all need a little MacGyver sometimes I think. When I bought my laptop I bought a cooling pad. I had read online about being better. Then I needed a workspace when I wasn’t at a desk. I had this neat breakfast tray at my sister-in-law’s I asked her where did you get it. She said Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I was like ok cool so I ran out and bought one. With me being a little on the “plump” side sitting on the couch it tended to not be level. Insert pillow below. Still I searched, found another one similar design made for computers, still was insert pillow. My nephew gave me a thing I was but that’s not what I’m looking for. He took it back. :-( Unfortunately it would work prefectly and not be near as bulky and hard on my knee when I prop my feet up. Now I want that one lol. My Toshiba touch pad isn’t so sensitive and it isn’t raised. I don’t like the touch pads, I prefer my mouse. When I bought the purple laptop, I added a purple mouse, and a purple carrying case. I ordered another one thinking shoulder carry would be better. It’s really too small. No room for power cord or mouse. If I had a little netbook might be fine but I have a small laptop. Funny I haven’t bothered with the desktop since I moved here. The desktop isn’t wireless and it is in another room requiring running a cable around the corner and across the floor. If I ever decide to hook it up will ask the nephew who built to put a wireless card in it. But for now I don’t need it I love the laptop and only use it. I have a full sized laptop for backup if this one has to go for repairs again.

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