Pepper Phillips – NaNo is a Challenge!

I’m in this month, the widget is on my sidebar and I’m writing every day.  The only problem is…I’m behind.




This is part of the writing.

The rust was thick.  He’d have to ask his grandmother how to get rust off of metal.  That would be the easiest, but he hated to have her start asking questions.

Thinking, he glanced around the shelves over the work table.  Oil.  That might work.  He took the can down and squirted some oil on the rust encased trap and rubbed it in with his finger.  A bit of rust stained his finger.  He squirted more oil on it and grabbing a rag, he covered the whole trap in a light coat.

I didn’t cut those words, and I’m glad I didn’t.  Because I need them back.  I’ll need to cross out the words that I replaced the above with.  So, during NaNo, you are not supposed to edit.  Count every word you write, even if you’re going to delete it during later edits.

It’s just getting them down…here is another sample:

Mose nodded his head, “Open it up.  I’ve been curious all day who wrote me a letter.  Can you figure out where it came from?”

George looked at the postmark.  “Los Angeles, California.  Who do you know in California?”

Mose scratched his head.  “Far as I know, nobody.  Everybody I know lives here.”


Yep!  Even the shouting words are there so I can figure out what to do with at scene, keep it, add to it, delete it.  Who knows at this point?  I don’t.

All I know is that I have to get my fingers moving to get to 50k words by the end of the month.

So tell me, how is your NaNo project going?

Are you on target?

Are you working from an outline?  Or not?

Curious me wants to know.


12 Comments on “Pepper Phillips – NaNo is a Challenge!”

  1. Am using a kitchen time set for 25 minutes. I managed to crank out 625 words in that time, maybe I ‘can’ catch up.

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  3. itlnbrt says:

    I wrote a huge opening scene on the first day and by day two I decided that’s not where i wanted to start it. Then that scene didn’t work at all, so I deleted it, but hadn’t moved from that page yet. This was all during a Word Count with some friends, and when I told them I didn’t really gain any words because I deleted they all had fit. “You’re not supposed to delete anything!!!” Oops. Thank goodness I was able to recover that scene and added it back in for a decent word count that day.
    I find myself editing, though, while I write. It’s so frustrating. I’ve never done that before. :(
    I think it’s the pressure, it distracts me. lol
    Anyway, great post. As of last night I was on target. We’ll see how much time today brings me.

  4. 10:44am

    I just did my second 25 minutes…only 536 words this time.

    The dh had to come in my office to ask me if I paid the water bill, as the water is off. It isn’t due yet. Then he came back to tell me that he turned on his new thing where he’s getting the water from the pool so we can flush the toilets. Then he comes back to tell me not to drink the water. Duh! So I had to stop typing while he was in here.

    I’ll be doing another sprint after I do some housecleaning. And I need to find the water bill…

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  7. I’m new, my first novel so I have a rough outline I keep in excel with each chapter, who’s in it, what happens, seems to help keep me focused but we’ll see as the days go by.

    • I LOVE spreadsheets. Have a massive one for writing books. But this time, I have a few plot points and that’s about it. This a.m. I did 768 words in a 25+minute sprint. When the timer went off, I couldn’t stop the flow, so continued to write until I found a place to stop.

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