On Comfort Meals

In the beginning of our marriage a zillion years ago, we had one meal that stands out.  We both liked it, it was easy, and it was inexpensive.

But during the years, we forgot about that meal, until one day I was doing the familiar ‘what’s for dinner’ question, when I searched the far corner of the brain, where it was hiding, and ‘aha’!

We eat it a few times a year.  Just the two of us.  And it brings back those early years, when life seemed simpler.  Our radio played only if the little wire was connected a certain way.  We had no television.  We were paid once a month, and by the end of the month, there were some strange meals.  So, this is what we called our comfort meal.

Beans and franks, cut on a slant to make it more attractive.  The beans have to be Campbell’s Pork and Beans, which I had to go to two stores to find yesterday.  Lettuce and tomato salad with mayo.  We never use mayo on any other green salad, just this one.  Two slices of white bread with butter, and for me, a large glass of milk.  The spouse adds a few splashes of hot sauce.  That’s it.

Yet, it brings us back to those early days when things were such a struggle, and it makes us happy.  Isn’t that what a comfort meal should do?  What is your favorite comfort meal?




FYI – Knowing that I was going to do this, I knew the meal wouldn’t photograph well on my red plates, so I bought this little plate to present it.  LOL




6 Comments on “On Comfort Meals”

  1. jdfaver says:

    That looks pretty good, Pepper. I say that having just eaten a bowl of navy beans, sausage and corbread. Washed it down with milk. Good for the bones and quite tasty. The photo turned out quite nice too.

    • Ah! Your dinner is a Louisiana favorite. Usually it’s Red Beans and Rice, but the dh loves navy beans, so I use them. We serve it over rice, and the cornbread is a nice touch. A big glass of milk and you’re set!

      I haven’t made it in awhile, but I need to put it on the menu.

  2. E. Ayers says:

    Great photo.

    I remember those first few months of marriage. My husband worked a weird shift so he didn’t get home until eleven in the evening. At noon, he ate breakfast and I’d pack his lunch. Then I tried so hard to make perfect dinners when I had virtually no experience in the kitchen. (I knew how to make chocolate chip cookies, but everyone said that didn’t count.)

    In those days, I’d walk through the grocery store with pen and paper. If it went in my cart, I wrote it down along with the price, and added it to the total. Had to stay on budget. I probably looked like an idiot, but I managed to feed us on very little money.

    I poured over cookbooks while my husband worked, and learned how to make various sauces. I could make hamburger patties look like a gourmet meal. LOL I knew from experience that dinner was supposed to consist of certain things: an appetizer or soup, salad, bread and butter, a meat, two vegetables, a starch, and dessert. It didn’t take me long to realize I couldn’t do that seven days a week. Very quickly, my meal prep dropped to meat, starch, veggie and sometimes the veggie was a salad. Then I realized that if I had potatoes or rice, I didn’t need the bread. Nor did we need the dessert. If I fixed a pan of brownies, I had them for his lunch.

    I also discovered that he didn’t like chocolate chip cookies. That was okay because I ate every one of them all by myself! There’s nothing quite like homemade (from scratch) cookies still warm from the oven.

    And my bulging belly didn’t come from my cooking. Seems after a long day at work, my husband only wanted to eat his meal and go to bed. He wasn’t the least bit tired.

    • Velvet says:

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  3. lynncahoon says:

    I lived with my second husband a year before he told me he preferred whole milk to 2%. Now, he’s not shy about what he wants for dinner. But he’s not adventuresome either.

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