Unconditionally is available!



Check it out at Amazon, where it will be for the next three months.  After that it will be available at all the major ebook distributors.

I marked it FREE for the first five days and was amazed to find out that from midnight to seven in the morning yesterday, that fourteen readers downloaded it before I even mentioned that it was available.  How did they know?

I have to give kudos to my fantastic cover designer, Laura Morrigan.  We were fumbling around until I found a picture of wedding bands with a crack in them.  Once I saw them, I knew that was what I wanted on the cover.  Laura found rings that she could ‘crack’ and the couple photo.  I love that they are sitting back-to-back.

Unfortunately, the first copies were messed up by Amazon’s conversion process.  Though, it’s my fault for not checking.  So if you were early and your copy doesn’t read right on the first two pages where the sentences don’t make sense, delete it from your Kindle and then grab another copy without the faults.  Lesson learned for me.  I followed Amazon’s directions from their book “Building Your Book for Kindle” and even one of the reviewers mentioned that he had to upload several times before he had a ‘clean’ copy available.  I should have taken his advice to heart.  But, since I’ve uploaded two other manuscripts with no problems, I figured he was doing something wrong.  I learned a valuable lesson there.

EGADS!!!!  While grabbing the URL to put in this post I noticed that it’s #68 on the Contemporary Fiction list!  And there still four days left…color me happy!

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