eBook Marketing

I decided last month while doing edits on my soon to be published novella, Unconditionally, that in July I was going to take a break from fiction and plunge into non-fiction.

So, I’ll be writing a book on organizational techniques to make your life simpler.

Heaven knows I need help.

I also need to do some serious marketing.  I am a licensed nursing home administrator, (don’t laugh, someone has to do it) and need yearly educational hours to keep that license.  The deadline is June 30th of each year.  I had twelve hours and needed three and really didn’t want to attend a session where I would have to travel, dress up, and sit for hours, so I did it online.  What a fabulious experience, working in my jammies is always good, except for grocery shopping.  The topic I chose was Marketing in Hard Times.  I did learn something, took notes, and will establish a marketing plan for the nursing home.

But…it nowhere expands to marketing ebooks.  I need to study different marketing for that, and I’m going to begin with Mark Coker’s…

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide – How to Market any Book for Free (Smashwords Guides)

It’s free.  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can get it here.

So, who’s in with me?

I will be adding a section on Marketing Your eBook in my organizational guide…hot dog, I’m getting excited about this.

Remember my book, The Devil Has Dimples is located on the sidebar…LOL

One of my goals is to have the best month ever in sales in July.

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