Learning WordPress – Posting Messages by Email

One thing I dislike about instruction books is that they assume you know what the h*ll you are doing. It’s an instruction book…the reason I’m reading it is I don’t know squat.

Today is about the profile. As I looked at my Dashboard, and the book “Teach Yourself Visually WordPress” it took me a few minutes to find the spot where the Profile is located. Click on ‘Users’ on the left hand side and then ‘My Profile’. According to the book, it just has Profile at the top left. I have ‘My Public Profile’ and I did manage to do mine previously so I’ll leave it alone.

Chapter Three. I’m skipping because I’ve already set up the website. So, on to Chapter Four – which I’ve already done as well. I might need to keep this book as a reference in the future if I want to learn more about my blog’s settings.

Chapter 5 is about learning the Dashboard, which as you might have learned with the first paragraph, that I don’t know my way around that sucker. This might be the most valuable chapter of all. “You can change the content and the way it looks on the Dashboard as well as navigate behind the scenes at your site. Making adjustments and learning to navigate give you the information you want in the way that you want it.”

I really should hire myself out to be a tester. The next set of instructions concerning Incoming Links is not on the Dashboard. Guess I’ll skip that step until I stumble upon it. Can you see the problem here? My brain works in a linear process, and there is a brick in the road. On further reading, I think that is for the more advanced WordPress.org. I’m on the WordPress.com one. I’ll have to be careful in reading the book which one (com or org) it is discussing, as both are listed on the page.

Okay. I want to be able to post messages by email. The instructions in the book differ slightly from what I see on my screen. Here is what I did:
Dashboard: My Blogs: Post by Email: Click on the Enable button. And it gives you an email address. Mine starts with ‘vile’…LOL!

Copy that email address and add it to your Contact List in your email program. I used ‘WordPress – Pepper’…duh, anything else and I wouldn’t remember it. I used the ‘Pepper’ as I’m supposed to do another WordPress site for our business and I’ll use that name in my contact list. Finally, I’m thinking ahead.

That’s the lesson for today. Now I’m going to see if it works. I’ve been writing this as I’ve been going through the book so you’re getting my impressions of what I’m doing, while I’m doing it.

3 Comments on “Learning WordPress – Posting Messages by Email”

  1. It worked!

    Color me happy for the day.

    • The problem with wordpress and instruction books is that a) wordpress changes constantly and b) every person starts with a different level of technical knowledge. When I taught my class, WordPress for Authors, I was amazed at the varying levels of what people knew and what questions they had. And since I’ve offered those classes, the admin side of WordPress has changed, the look and feel, completely. That’s been my biggest struggle with publishing my book on wordpress…as soon as I get it ready, the user interface changes and they add awesome new features. At which point I have to add a new section and take all new screen shots!

  2. Aaron Black says:

    Hi, Pepper! I’m the Editor for TYV WordPress.
Thanks for checking it out. We’ve actually just released a new edition of the book this month. WordPress has changed in the short two years since the previous edition came out, and the new edition should have a lot less discrepancies between the site as you see it now and the instructions in the book. Chapter 2 is devoted to setting up your WordPress.com blog, including information about the Dashboard and the profile. I think you’ll find the 2nd Edition a big help.

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