Learning WordPress – Part Two…

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, if I had read the tutorials (located on the bottom of the page in your Dashboard) I would have known how to publish Sunday’s post.  Without looking like a goofus…

I was too busy yesterday to work on the website…a factor of my life that I dislike.  But outside stuff needs to be done.  I only have an hour to dedicate today, and am busy again this afternoon, so let me go forward.

This is the part of the tutorial where it tells me to write a new post.  Simple, so far.

Ah, add a hyperlink.  Where would I like to send you?  How about my Writing Tips loop where you can sign up to writing relating URL’s.   Well that was easy enough.

I did do the exercise where I determined what I wanted to include on my website.  My books of course.  But I also want to do a series on small town life.  It’s a lot different than city living.  Another is recipes.  I love good food, and usually always use a recipe.  Last night I fixed pan roasted brussel sprouts that were super delicious.  The dh preferred the steamed ones I usually make.  So I guess I’ll be cookng two recipes when I serve it again.

Photography is another of my interests, so I’ll be posting some of my pictures.  I haven’t been able to take as many picture as I would like to, and now I have an excuse to go searching for great photos.

If I read a great book, I want to tell you about it.  My brain stopped about this point, but there is enough there to make me want to post regularly.

One night I was cooking a favorite pepper dish of mine and took a picture of it in the pan before cooking, and the dh was sitting there, watching me.  He did ask me what I was doing…since I do a lot of crazy things, I know I keep him guessing as to ‘what’s next?’  Keeping him confused is one of my favorite things to do.

Next part of the lesson is to add pictures.  But I have to leave this page.  Let’s see if I can save the draft.

Well, I’m back.  Surprise, surprise…

I’m going to Zemanta to choose one of their copyright-cleared photos.  Well, you can see what I picked.  I have no clue as how I can move that photo…

Ah, drag and drop.  Well, I need to work on that.

More tomorrow…

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