Learning WordPress

I’ve been working on this website for several months.  Not daily!  My brain can only handle so much stress.

Today I choose a new theme that has more elements to it.  I went to the Appearance: Themes and searched.  Popular, New, A-Z, etc., I tried them out in preview and see if they had what I wanted.

Searching for a new theme is quite difficult.  Does it look like a writer blogs here?  And of course I had to go back to some of the themes several times before I choose this one.

There was one that I really liked, that would be good for a romance writer, but the posting area was narrow.  I noticed that there were a couple of Christmas themes, nice to know if I want to celebrate the season with a new look.  I know that a friend of mine managed to have snowflakes on her December site, which I thought was nice.  But it seldom snows in Louisiana.  If it does, I’ll post a picture.  LOL

So, here I am with a new theme.  There is one problem.  At the bottom, I have two lists of the same information that is also on the side bar, so I’ll have to correct that.

My plan is to work an hour a day until I get this where I want it.

Tomorrow, I’ll post again and tell you what I did.  Or what I tried to do.  LOL!

Twenty minutes later…

Good grief and I mean grief!  How in the blazes do I get this posted?  There is a Tutorial and Walkthrough button at the bottom of the Dashboard.  I guess I’ll have to learn how to upload this message.

I need an aspirin.

Big Time!!!

Wait!  I see a blue ‘Publish’ button on the right hand side.  Maybe I won’t need that aspirin after all.

2 Comments on “Learning WordPress”

  1. WordPress takes time to learn..After all these years I’m still learning and trying to figure some stuff out…Good luck..

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