Carol DeVaney

Thing is, I make up stories. Yes, I know, my mother always said to tell the truth. But, I have an excuse. Characters whisper their stories in my ear, what else can I do but write them down and share? For the record, my mom listens to my stories, so I guess she’s forgiven me for telling a tale or two.

Carol’s won numerous awards, published in short stories and novels.
Available in ebook:Short Story, A MATTER OF TASTE.

Carol’s a wife, proud mom and ecstatic grandmother. She lives in the sunny South with her husband who patiently awaits his time away from her writing. Carol has an amazing son, who is a remarkable writer, a wonderful daughter-in-law, and is blessed with two awesome grandchildren.

A Smoky Mountain

Think Sandra Bullock meets country hunk. A woman out of her element.

A romantic, wacky, fresh, hilarious, heartwarming tale for the holidays.
City gal meets country hunk. Tina Cole and Hank Gordon find themselves stranded together in a Smoky Mountain snowstorm, three days before Christmas. Falling in love wasn’t part of Tina’s agenda, but has second thoughts after she lands on writer Hank Gordon’s doorstep. Now, everything she thought she wanted out of life means nothing without love.

Recently divorced, Hank Gordon has sworn off women. If he thinks life couldn’t get any worse, he’s wrong. Not only is he baby-sitting a sassy Southern princess who has no idea what a kitchen is for, but two escaped convicts turn up at the cabin, while Hank’s horse is about to foal.

Can love conquer Tina and Hank’s challenges while both examine their hearts?

This book is included in Christmas on Main Street, currently on sale for 99 cents.

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